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At Rose Bowl Water Polo we have been dedicated to guiding athletes every step of the way for nearly 20 years! With programming for boys and girls from the ages of 5 to 18, our team is designed to help every student-athlete reach their full potential.

Water Polo for all ages and levels

At the RBAC, our student-athletes are led by an incredible coaching staff that includes current local high school, collegiate, zone team, and National Team coaches.  Our student-athletes begin with Intro to Water Polo (8-13 years) which focuses on increasing water safety, building confidence, and introducing key water polo concepts and skills. Our Gold Academy is the next step. In Gold Group (10-14 years), student-athletes will build endurance, develop strength and speed, and improve their water polo skills. After Gold Academy, student-athletes are invited to try out for our travel teams. We field multiple travel teams at each age group (10 & under, 12 & under, 14 & under, 16 & under, and 18 & under). Our travel teams focus on learning teamwork, time management skills, and refining water polo skills while competing in all major water polo tournaments, including United States Club Championships, National Junior Olympics, and the Champions Cup.

Over the past 11 years, our program has placed over 100 players on national team rosters and 90% of graduating seniors on college teams.  In the past 5 years, we have medaled 14 times at national events, including winning 5 national championships.

The most common phrase we hear from our families is: “We wish we had started sooner!” Contact our coaching staff today to schedule a time to get started with our program! Players may start at any time! No prior experience is required.

Current Practice Schedules

Splashball (5-9 Years)
Splashball (5-9 Years)


Splashball is for boys and girls from 5-9 years old. Splashball is a fun, non-contact shallow water activity based on water polo.  Participants are encouraged to jump off the bottom, catch with both hands, and HAVE FUN!  Splashball takes place in the shallow end of the Recreational Pool two nights per week. It is the best way to introduce boys and girls to an aquatic team sport as they begin in aquatics!


Varies by Session
Intro to Water Polo (8-13 Years)
Intro to Water Polo (8-13 Years)

Intro to water polo is an opportunity to learn the rules and fundamentals of water polo while gaining endurance, building confidence, and learning to work as a team.  Practices are offered at the RBAC three nights a week for 1 hour and 15 minutes each.  At the end of each month, participants will play a game at the RBAC.

2022 Sessions:
Coming soon! 

Watch one of our Friday night light scrimmages here!


Mon / Weds
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM




Email Ali Weidner at aweidner@rosebowlaquatics.org
RB Gold Academy (10-14 Years)
RB Gold Academy (10-14 Years)

Gold Academy is an 8-week intermediate development group.  Athletes enter the Gold Academy through Intro to Water Polo, Splashball, or a coach’s recommendation.

Gold Academy focuses on athletes as they transition to our travel teams. The Gold Academy focuses heavily on conditioning and gaining experience through practice and game situations.  At the end of each 8-week session, Gold Academy athletes compete in a one-day local tournament.

2021 Sessions:
August 16th – October 8th
October 11th – December 10th


Gold AcademyI (ages 7 - 11)
Tues / Thurs / Fri
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Gold Academy II (ages 12 and up)
Mon / Weds / Fri
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
High School Gold Academy
Tues / Thurs
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
High School Gold Academy
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM


$340 per 8-week session


Email Ali Weidner at aweidner@rosebowlaquatics.org
Boys and Girls Teams (8-18 Years)
Boys  and Girls Teams (8-18 Years)

Our travel teams represent the RBAC Water Polo team at competitions throughout the country. We have A and B travel rosters for boys and girls at every age group from 10U through 18U. Our travel rosters compete in all major USA Water Polo events, including National Junior Olympics, and have won five national championships in the last four years. Most recently our 8th grade boys and 8th grade girls swept the Fall National Age Group Championships in Hawaii in November 2016 and our 16U Girls won the USA Junior Olympics on July 30.

In addition to competing for us, members of our travel rosters represent Rose Bowl Water Polo on Olympic Development Program (ODP) Zone Teams and National Teams each year. In the past five years, we have had upwards of forty team members compete on National Teams for boys and girls between 13-18 years old and nearly 100 ODP zone team members.

Our travel teams also compete internationally, with our boys and girls given the opportunity to travel abroad in alternating years. Our teams have competed in Greece, Italy, and Spain.


10U - $162 per month
12U - $184 per month
14U - $184 per month
16U - $200 per month
18U - $200 per month


Email Ali Weidner at aweidner@rosebowlaquatics.org


Practice Schedules

Fall: Our year begins on the first Tuesday after Labor Day. HS Boys are away for CIF seasons.
Winter: The first Monday in November. HS Girls leave for CIF seasons and HS Boys return from CIF seasons.
Spring: The first Monday in March. We have all of our groups back from CIF for the first time during the year!
Summer: The first Monday in June. With schools out, we are able to add morning practices during the weekdays.
August: The first Monday of August until Labor Day weekend.

Coaches may make adjustments to their individual age group and practice group plans, make sure to ask your coach about any changes – ie. canceled practices, modified dryland or swim plans.

(Updated 4/5/2022)

Annual Competition Calendar

The competition calendar is intended to give an idea of events by month. Events may be added or removed throughout the year. Changes and exact dates will be communicated directly to families by coaches.

Events are offered for all age groups and all levels. Entries are based on registration. Coaches will communicate directly with their groups regarding event entries, rosters, and game schedules.

There will be four pay-to-attend events per year. EC Cup (Fall), Winterfest (Winter), JO Qualifier (Spring), JOs (Summer)

Annual Competition Calendar (Updated 4.5.2022)


Michael Gonzales
Head Coach 12 Boys Coach 16 Boys Coach
Jenny Jamison
Director of Operations
Head Age Group Coach
David Cohen
Pre Teams Head Coach
Sean Grab
Associate Head Coach 18 Boys Coach 16 Girls Coach
Gilbert Millanes
18 Girls Coach
Jassmine Kezman
16 Girls Coach
Lindsey Garcia
14 Girls Coach
Martin Ortega - Jennison
16 Boys Coach
Thomas Clauss
18 Boys Coach
Joe Arredondo
10 Coeds Coach
Matthew Arredondo
10 Coeds Coach
McKenna Imset
12 Coeds Coach

Notable Results

Fall Age Group Championships
Boys and Girls - 1st (2016, Champions Cup)
8th Grade Girls - 2nd (2014, Turbo Cup)
8th Grade Boys - 3rd (2007, Speedo Cup)
U.S. Club Championships
10U Coed - 3rd (2012)
12U Girls - 2nd (2015)
12U Boys - 5th (2011)
14U Girls - 3rd (2011, 2014), 9th (2021)
14U Boys - 8th (2012)
16U Girls - 2nd (2013), 4th (2021)
16U Boys - 2nd (2010)
18U Girls - 5th (2013,2015)
18U Boys - 1st (2010)
USAWP Junior Olympics
10U A Girls - 3rd Platinum Division (2013)
10U A Coed - 6th Platinum Division (2012 & 2018)
12U A Girls - 2nd Platinum Division (2015)
12U A Boys - 4th (2018)
14U AGirls - 1st Platinum Division (2015)
14U B Girls - 15th Platinum Division (2014)
14U A Boys - 3rd Platinum Division (2017)
14U B Boys - 4th Invitational Division (2018)
16U A Girls - 1st Platinum Division (2017), 5th Platinum Division (2021)
16U B Girls - 16th Platinum Division (2018)
16U C Girls - 10th Bronze Division (2018)
16U A Boys - 4th (2014), 11th Platinum Division (2021)
16U B Boys - 19th Classic Division (2015)
18U A Girls - 1st (2014)
18U B Girls - 2nd Gold Division (2018)
18U A Boys - 8th (2015)
18U B Boys - 8th Invitational Division (2017)


Colleges represented by RBAC Alumni playing beyond high school
Congrats to our 2021 Graduates!
This years grads will continue at:
Fresno State University
George Washington University
LA Valley College
Marist College
Pasadena City College
San Diego State University
UC Los Angeles
UC Santa Barbara
Wagner College
Air Force
CAL UC - Berkeley
Cal State East Bay
Cal Tech
Chaminade (Hawaii)
Claremont McKenna
Golden West
LA Valley College
Marist College
Middlebury College
Mt. Sac
Pasadena City College
Pierce College
Santa Clara
UC Davis
UC Santa Cruz
UC Santa Clara
University of the Pacific
Washington and Jefferson
Whittier College

Booster Club

The RBWP Booster Club is a 501©(3) volunteer-run organization that works to support the activities of the RBAC Water Polo team. Families make monthly payments to the Booster Club to help fund tournament entries and other program-specific activities.

The Booster Club meets monthly on the second Monday of the month at 6 pm. All families of current program participants are welcome to attend.


All new players should attend a practice prior to registering. Contact us at rbwpinfo@rosebowlaquatics.org to schedule a time for your first practice.

There are three important requirements for Rose Bowl Water Polo team registration. When you have completed all three steps below, you will be completely registered. Only players who are completely registered will be allowed to practice and participate in tournaments.

Step 1. Register with USA Water Polo at usawaterpolo.org

  • Memberships are on a calendar-year basis and expire on December 31st. However, if you register between November 1 and December 31, your membership will be valid for the following year as well.

Step 2. Register with the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center at the front desk.

  • Fees are paid monthly to the RBAC. Families are encouraged to sign up for auto renew to streamline the monthly payment process.
  • The Water Polo team determines age groups based on the USA Water Polo age cut-off of August 1st. Practice and competition groups will be based primarily on age.
  • RBAC fees are paid at the front desk or by phone at 626-564-0330.
  • Download Fee and Policy Information

Step 3. You will receive your Booster Club login. Use the Booster Club site to pay monthly Booster Club fees and pay-to-attend fees.

  • Booster fees are required for participation in the program. Fees are paid monthly. Rates by age group are: 10U $38/month, 12U $58/month, 14U $73/month, 16/18U $68/month.
  • There will be four pay-to-attend events per year. EC Cup (Fall), K7 (Winter), JO Qualifier (Spring), JOs (Summer)


How old do boys and girls need to be to join Rose Bowl Water Polo?

Our Intro to Water Polo program takes place in the deep end of the Recreation Pool and is designed for 8-13-year-olds. We offer travel rosters for 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U boys and girls. The youngest members of our 10U travel roster are 8 years old. Ages in water polo are calculated from August 1st.

Do I have to know how to play water polo before joining the team?

Nope! In fact, most of our athletes come to us with very little or no experience. Through Intro to Water Polo and the Gold Group, we have the opportunity to teach our teammates how to play and love water polo.

When can I sign up?

You can sign up at any time! We offer practices year-round and participants can join at any time. You are welcome to attend practice before signing up as well. Just contact Coach Weidner to schedule your first practice.

Which group should I sign up for?

We start our new athletes in Intro to Water Polo (8-13), or Gold Group (8-18). New players should contact our Coach Ali Weidner to schedule their first practice.

Can I get a scholarship to play water polo in college?

More than 90% of our graduating seniors have gone on to compete in Division I, II, or III collegiate programs through the last five years. While all of these athletes have not been scholarship athletes, all have been given the opportunity to continue with the sport they grew to love as they pursue their academics. We are very proud of the academic and athletic success of our participants.

Are there any Olympians that have come from Rose Bowl Water Polo?

Not yet, but we are working on it. In the past five years, we’ve had more than thirty teammates selected to National Team rosters at the Development, Cadet, Youth, Junior, and Senior Team levels. Rose Bowl players have competed internationally for the United States in several countries around the world, bringing home many FINA Championship medals.

In the meantime, we have brought home 4 USA Water Polo National Championships in the past four years and had several coaches selected as Zone and National Coaches of the year. We are confident with the continued dedication and effort of our coaches and athletes that we will be rooting for our first RBWP teammate in the Olympics before too long!

Where are games played?

We host many weekend scrimmages and leagues at Citrus College. When we can’t host, the most most common locations for games are a triangle between San Clemente, Riverside, and Santa Barbara. We occasionally have games in San Diego. Junior Olympics are in Northern California every other year, with the host home pool at Stanford University.

What are Junior Olympics? Will I be able to be on a Junior Olympic team?

Junior Olympics are the national championship event and they are hosted in the last week of July/first week in August. The event lasts 4 days for boys and 4 days for girls. The host area alternates from Northern California (typically Stanford University) and Southern California (typically Irvine).

We name A, B, and (often) C rosters for Junior Olympics during May. Each roster will have to compete to qualify for the National Junior Olympics during our regional championship in late-May or June. All participants on our travel rosters, and most in our Gold Groups will be invited to join a Junior Olympic roster.

Is financial aid available to join the team?

The RBAC provides need-based financial aid/scholarships. Click here to learn more or to apply. 

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