Adaptive Swim Lessons are Back!

All swim lessons are back! Group, Private and Semi-private!

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Innovative Aquatics Programs

A world-class aquatics facility offering year round aquatic and fitness programming
Lap Swim & Water Fitness

Lap Swim & Water Fitness

The RBAC offers Lap Swim opportunities in both the Recreational and Competition Pools.

Learn more: Water Fitness, Lap Swim
Summer Camp

Summer Camp

The feasibility of holding camp for Summer 2021 is currently being reviewed. We thank you for your patience during this assessment process.

Learn more: Anderson Adventure Camp H2O, Camp Splash!
Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Group, private and semi-private swim lessons are currently being offered and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the water safely. Quality swim lessons save lives.

Learn more: Swim Lessons
RBAC Scholarship Club

RBAC Scholarship Club

The Scholarship Fund provides instruction, training, coaching, and aquatic therapy to all members of our diverse communities regardless of resources. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the RBAC scholarship budget has grown to over $500,000 in assistance to ensure our community continues their journey in health education and fitness with confidence. Please join the Scholarship Club today!

Learn more: RBAC Scholarship Club

Success Stories

We will never know how many lives are touched, how many tough situations are turned around, how many kids are kept busy after school and away from the bad decisions that can be made. What we do know is: being able to swim is a life-long gift; swimming is a low-impact sport, good for all abilities and all ages; swimming, diving, and water polo develop focus and discipline; the RBAC offers every third grader in Pasadena Unified School District free swimming lessons annually; and the RBAC offers over 150 classes every week and employs 250 in our community. Walk the deck and you’ll see it for yourself.
John Thomas Cloud, Treasurer

World-Class Aquatics Facility

Achieve the benefits of healthy living habits, regular exercise, and sports training
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Group swim lessons are back! Registration is now open. Click here to register for group swim lessons 

The feasibility of holding camp for Summer 2021 is currently being reviewed. We thank you for your patience during this assessment process.

The RBAC is now hiring lifeguards! Flexible schedule, great opportunity! Click here to apply now.

Private and semi-private swim lessons are available and ongoing.

Aqua walking is available in the shallow end when the area is not reserved. Masks must be worn at all times.

Please remember that everyone is required to shower prior to entering any pools. Showers are available on the deck as the locker rooms are temporarily closed. Showers are not available post-swim. Thank you for your understanding!

Please note the family changing rooms are for restroom use only.

Shop the RBAC Pro Shop online! Click here to shop at the RBAC online store.

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Congratulations Rex!Congratulations to our new Olympic Trials qualifier... Rex Maurer! After having his swim “rained out” in finals, Rex came back first thing in the morning to get the job done. That’s called controlling the controllables! Congrats Rex! #GoRoseBowl ...

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Achieve the benefits of healthy living habits, regular excercise, and sports training

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