Lap Swim

Lap Swim

Effective Monday, November 2, lap swim passes will once again be available for sale and use at the RBAC!

If you are an existing pass holder, your pass may once again be used to access the facility. As of November 2, your existing pass will have the same amount of time remaining on the pass as there was on March 15, when the RBAC closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you are not an existing pass holder or your pass expires, you may purchase a monthly or quarterly lap swim pass online or in person, or purchase a day-use pass in person. Annual and semi-annual passes will not be sold at this time.

Reservations will no longer be taken, as lanes will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and subject to availability. Two swimmers may split a lane, each stopping at opposite sides of the pool to maintain physical distancing. If a lane is full, you must wait for a lane to become available. We ask that swimmers limit their workouts to one hour during peak times or when others are waiting. Circle swimming is not allowed.

Upon arrival, your temperature will be taken prior to entering the Clubhouse. We ask that do not come to the Center if you show any signs of illness.

A chair will be placed at the end of each lane for you to place your belongings on, as well as provide a visual reminder of your side of the lane and where to rest. During inclement weather, bleachers will be set up under tarps for personal items.

Please continue to come to the Center dressed appropriately for the weather with your swimming attire underneath.

Please be mindful of wearing your masks whenever you are not in the water and remain socially distanced as much as possible. Also, please do not spit into the gutters while swimming.

You must still contact us to reserve a time if you plan on swimming with a snorkel.  To request accommodations for a disability-based need, please contact us at

Lap swimmers should bring their own kickboard, buoys, and goggles. Shared pool equipment is prohibited.

Each user should bring their own water bottles; the bottle water filling station will be available, but the water fountain will be closed.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone healthy as we are back in the pool and swimming.

Lane Schedules & Info

Live Cam

View current conditions on deck!

Competition Pool

The Competition Pool will remain in short course yards (SCY) until we can reopen in a normal operating capacity.

Currently, two-lap swimmers per lane are permitted. Lane split with stopping on either end of the pool. Circle swimming is not allowed.

Competition Pool Calendar

Recreation Pool

Recreation Pool Calendar

Currently, two-lap swimmers per lane are permitted. Lane split with stopping on either end of the pool. Circle swimming is not allowed.

Recreation Pool Lane Availability

Swimming Etiquette

To ensure that all swimmers enjoy their time in the pool, we ask that you adhere to the following lap swim etiquette.

Entering the Water: Always use a feet-first entry into shallow water. You may dive into the pool from the deep end.

Stopping/Resting: While resting on the wall, remain 6 feet from the person in the other lane by remaining in the center of your lane.  Be aware of the swimmers around you at all times.

Number of People in a Lane: Two

The Diplomacy of Shared Space: Please be courteous and responsive if you are asked to move lanes by the lifeguards. The lifeguard on duty will have the final say in the arrangement of lanes. Please wear a mask when you are not in the water.

Spitting/coughing: Please do not spit, cough phlegm, etc.. into the gutters.  All coughing must be done into one’s elbow. Always cover your mouth when you cough.


Can I shower at the Center?

Everyone is expected to shower PRIOR to your swim. Showers are available on deck and the locker rooms. No shower access is available post your program. 

Which restrooms can I use?

The Accessible/Family changing rooms are open and available for restroom use only.

Can I use the lockers?

Lockers are not available at this time.

Where do I put my stuff?

Please leave your items on the chair at the end of your lane. You may also place your belongings on the bleachers.

Where can I change my clothes?

We ask that you arrive at the Center ready to jump in the pool with a cover up, sweats or parka over your bathing suit. Please leave with your bathing suit on.

Can I use the spas?

No, spas are closed per the State of California’s regulations.

Can I reserve a lane with the stairs/ladder?

No. Lanes will be used on a first-come, first-served basis, but you may utilize the ladder/stairs when someone else is in the lane, as long as you maintain a 6-foot distance at all times.

Can I bring my own chair?

No, the chairs provided will be sanitized between uses per the health department’s directives. 

Can I use the gym in that hour?

No, the gym is currently closed.

What is the minimum age for lap swimming?

8 years old. All lap swimmers must be able to swim the entire length of the lane, and may be subject to a swim test at the direction of Lifeguard staff.

Is lap swim only available in the Competition Pool?

No. In addition to the Competition Pool, lap swim is available in the Recreational Pool. The number of lanes will vary throughout the day.

Are the pools heated?

The Comp Pool is typically heated to 81 degrees and the Recreational Pool is typically heated to 86 degrees.

Can I swim laps in the Therapy Pool?

Lap swim is not allowed in the Therapy Pool.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Masks are required while on site unless you are in the water or in the shower.


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