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Dive Team

Introductory, intermediate and advanced lessons, as well as competitive Novice and Junior Olympic Teams, are offered throughout the calendar year to assure consistent and efficient improvement. Since the RBAC opened, the Rose Bowl Dive Team has been one of the top teams in the nation. Almost all of our high school graduates continue diving in college and many have received scholarships offers.


Novice Team
Novice Team

This level of diving is the first notable turning point in a diver’s career and is designed to help the individual who is interested in preparing for competitive diving. A diver at this level possesses all the basic skills learned in beginning lessons. At this level the diver will feel greater expectation from the coaches, as more time is required at the pool. Dry land training and conditioning begins at this level. In addition to the development of skills and ability, the diver’s self-confidence and pride in achievement become evident.

Parents watch their children experience the incomparable excitement of being able to compete with their peers and be able to make new friends in local U.S. Diving competitions.


Novice Team 1: $250 (per calendar month)
Novice Team 2: $200 (per calendar month)
Junior Olympic Team
Junior Olympic Team

This level of diving is designed for the individual (18 years of age or younger) who has successfully trained and competed well as a Novice and is now ready for the greater challenges and rewards of Junior Olympic level diving. As in the Novice level, there are turning points and stages of growth. This can include character builders such as sacrifice (more time spent training, greater physical and emotional demands, etc.), confronting fear, goal setting, experiencing the rewards of accomplishment, being a role model among peers and meeting new people as one travels to compete at regional, zone and national competitions.


JO I $325 (per calendar month)
JO 2 $280 (per calendar month)
High School Team
High School Team

The RBAC has a high school team for students who are only interested in diving for their high school.


$250 (per calendar month)
Dryland Facilities

Rose Bowl has one of the country’s most comprehensive on deck dry land facilities.

Athletes have access to two trampolines, four dry-board stations, multiple low pit somersault stations, as well as a dedicated stretching and exercise area. Dry land training is a prominent part in the modern diver’s training regimen.

Athletes are able to complete more repetitions than in the water, are able to work on different parts of the dive without the fear of smacking, and are able toperform complete dives in the safety of the spotting harness over the dry-board. By practicing out of the water, divers become more proficient in an earlier timeframe than in a solely water based training plan.

Additional equipment includes multiple TIVO stations for instant video feedback and a bubbler system to soften the landing while learning new complex dives.

JO Divers work with the strength and conditioning trainers at the RBAC 4 days a week and with our yoga instructors 1 day a week.


Group Price Schedule
JO. Groups 1 $325 (calendar month) 6 days a week Mon-Sat
JO. Groups 2 $280 (calendar month) 4 days a week Mon-Sat
High School Group $250 (calendar month) 4 days a week Mon-Thurs
Novice Group 1 $250 5 days a week Mon-Fri
Novice Group 2 $200 3 days a week M/W/F

Siblings get a $10 per month discount

Prices effective February 1st, 2019


The RBAC is honored to have Scott Reich as Head Coach for RBAC Dive Program. Reich is an accomplished collegiate, national and international dive coach, known as one of the best diving coaches in the nation. His accomplishments include; Olympic Coach for 1984, 1988, 1992, and 1996 games and International Team Coach for ten countries - Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and United States of America. Reich is a well-decorated coach, having been awarded the Southeastern Conference Diving Coach of the Year four times, the National Independence Conference Coach of the Year three times and the NCAA Diving Coach of the Year in 2000 as well as being named the U.S. National Age Group Coach of the year in 1987. Since his coaching career began 40 years ago, Reich has coached 13 Olympians and more than 60 NCAA all-Americans. Reich’s athletes earned three consecutive SEC Diver of the Year awards. and in 2002, Reich, four-time SEC Coach of the Year, guided the LSU platform divers to place in the top three spots at the conference championships. As a young man, Reich was a U.S. Senior National Team member from 1975-80 and won the senior national championship in 1977 in the one-meter springboard. A five-time national age-group champion and two-time world age-group winner, Reich was also a seven-time all-American for SMU and received a silver and two bronze medals at the NCAA Championships in both the one- and three-meter competitions. Prior to coaching at the RBAC, Reich coached for SoCal Diving where 100% of the senior athletes obtained college scholarships or were accepted into Ivy League institutions or other universities of higher learning In 2015, SoCal was the third-best junior team in the nation and won the prestigious Dick Wilson Memorial Award as the most improved Junior Olympic team in the country. In 2017 SoCal was the overall Zone F champion and in 2013 SoCal Dive Team were the USA diving region IX team champions. The RBAC is thrilled to have Coach Scott as part of the TEAM.
Scott Reich
Head Coach
Isabell Saakian
JO Coach
Jaime Herrera

Notable Results

  • 2016 Region 12 Championships

  • 2nd at the 2016 Zone F Championships

  • 4th place at USA Diving

  • 2016 Synchronized Diving Championships

  • 4th at the USA Diving 2016 Jr Nationals



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What is the Novice Team?

The Novice Team is the first competitive level of diving. Divers will be required to train 3-4 times per week and are encouraged to participate in local and regional USA Diving and AAU meets. Divers who are interested in the Novice competitive diving program must improve their skills and abilities in order to be asked to move up to the JO Program. Lessons divers who have fulfilled the necessary requirements will be invited to join the Novice Team.

What is the Junior Olympic Team?

The Junior Olympic team is offered to divers who have a desire and the ability to dive competitively at the national level. Divers will be required to train 5-6 times daily year round, participate in dry land weight training and compete in the USA Diving Junior Olympic competitive meets throughout the year.

The Junior Olympic (J.O.) Team is for divers who have successfully trained and competed well in Novice Team. The J.O. Team competes in local meets, as well as Regional, Zone and National competitions.

Who is eligible for the Masters Team?

Masters diving is technically for adults over the age of 21, but high school and college divers also practice with our team. Most major competitions are structured in five year brackets: 21-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, etc. Smaller competitions combine groups of competitors from various age groups. The Masters group is comprised of divers of all levels of experience: those who intend to compete to those who are either returning to diving after a long absence, continuing beyond college, or just trying it for the first time. All divers must be registered with USA diving to participate. (For those not intending to compete, sign up for the Limited Athlete membership for $12.00 per year plus credit card fee. For those intending to compete, sign up for the Competitive Gold membership for $75.00 per year plus credit card fee.) Attendance is flexible.

When are try-outs for the Novice, Junior Olympic or Masters Team?

There are no try-outs for Novice, Junior Olympic or Masters Teams. Divers will have to graduate from the lessons program in order to join the team. For the Masters Team, divers need to be able to perform the required number of dives for their age as required by a particular competition. For more information, please contact us.

What are the Novice, Junior Olympic or Masters Team costs?

Click here for details about the teams. Or click here to register for teams online. You may also register at the front desk or by phone at 626-564-0330.

Where do we compete?

In the Southern California area, and some national and international events when you reach the JO level.

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