RBAC Scholarship Club

Investing in Community Health & Wellness

The Scholarship Club Supports Community Health & Wellness

“Born as a dream of community leaders, the Pasadena City Council, a local swim team, and the generosity of individuals, corporations, foundations, and donors. We are all proud of the 30 years the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center has impacted our lives and those in the Pasadena and surrounding communities. The center stands as a testimony to what can be accomplished when private and public energies merge to create something special.”

-John Naber, Board of Directors, Advancement Chair


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Read the Scholarship Club Brochure for more information on how the Scholarship Club provides unique opportunities for individuals at the RBAC.

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The Scholarship Club is an ongoing campaign at the RBAC.

What are the membership levels for the Scholarship Club?

Membership Levels are:
$300, $500, $1000, $1500, $2000, and $3000.

Which RBAC programs receive scholarships?

Scholarships are available to individuals in every program that the RBAC offers, save for private lessons.

How much does the RBAC provide in scholarship assistance yearly?

The RBAC provides at least $500,000 in scholarship assistance yearly.

Are there qualifications for the scholarship?

Yes, there are specific guidelines that the RBAC follows in order to provide scholarships to those who demonstrate a need for them.

Is membership in the Scholarship Brochure tax deductible?

Yes, the RBAC is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax identification number 95-3994788.