RBAC Guidelines

Mission: To help everyone achieve their personal best by providing the finest aquatic educational, competitive, therapeutic and recreational programs.

Audio/Visual Recording

Any individual(s) who seeks to film (photograph/video), or interview at the RBAC must contact RBAC COO Arvin Varma at avarma@rosebowlaquatics.org to obtain prior approval.

Parents/guardians may take video/photos of their own children during select programs. Parents/guardians should inform the lifeguard and/or RBAC staff prior to photograph/video.

RBAC staff may take video/photos for marketing purposes only.

Taking pictures or videos via any device without approval is strictly prohibited in all RBAC facilities. Taking pictures or videos is never permitted in the spas, men’s and women’s locker rooms, and family changing restrooms.

RBAC coaches are approved to film their athletes for training purposes, during practice, and/or meets.

Media requests need to be made in advance by contacting the RBAC at webmaster@rosebowlaquatics.org

Lost & Found Guidelines

All inquiries regarding Lost and Found items should be directed to the Front Desk Staff.

Items Discarded:
The RBAC does not take responsibility for any items that are lost in the facility. Due to the volume of items lost and the potential health and safety issues, the following items will be discarded on Tuesday’s and Friday’s if found:
* Items that would present a biohazard
* Undergarments
* Bathing suits
* Toiletries
* Makeup and cosmetics
* Clothing
* Shoes
* Dishes including water bottles
* Items that would not be legal to possess (i.e., weapons)

Items Retained:
To the extent possible the RBAC will attempt to retain valuable items that are found or turned in within the facility. Valuable items may include the following:
* Credit/debit cards
* Identifications cards or passports
* Jewelry and watches
* Wallets and purses
* Cell phones
* Keys

Claiming Items:
Inquiries for lost items can be made at the Front Desk of the RBAC. The owner must give an accurate description of the lost item or proof of ownership. Unique identifying characteristics of the items may also be required.
Reporting Lost Items A lost item may be reported at the Front Desk of the RBAC. A detailed description of the lost item, the location of where the item was lost, the contact information of the owner (name, phone number, and email), and the date the item was lost.

Lost Item Disposal and Retention:
At the end of 3 months, all valuable items in the lost and found will be collected and given to the Pasadena Police Department. Items will be transferred to Pasadena Police Department at the end of the following months – March, June, September, and December.

Facility Guidelines

The RBAC is wheelchair accessible. Please no pets, though documented service animals are welcome. The RBAC may provide individualized accommodations upon request in accordance with the ADA. To request an accommodation for a disability-based need, please contact us at webmaster@rosebowlaquatics.org.

Private Coaching or Instruction
The RBAC does not permit coaching or instruction by non-RBAC staff without prior written permission and/or a contract with the RBAC, nor are swim clubs or teams permitted to practice without prior written permission and/or contract with the RBAC.

The RBAC’s café cross contaminates with peanuts, dairy products, and wheat. Bees can also be found on deck. For anyone with allergies, please be cautious and come prepared. RBAC staff is available if you need any assistance.

Food and Beverage
Patrons are welcome to bring in food and beverages though glass bottles and containers are prohibited.

Nursing Areas
Mothers are welcome to nurse children wherever they feel comfortable at the RBAC, however nursing in the Pools is prohibited.

Scooters & Powered Devices
Scooters, skateboards, inline skates, shoes with built-in wheels, as well as other recreational devices such as drones and remote control toys are prohibited.

Smoking & Alcohol
The RBAC is a tobacco-free environment. Cigars, pipes, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or any tobacco related product is strictly prohibited on or around the RBAC property.  Alcoholic beverages and any controlled substances are not allowed on the premises.

Restrooms & Changing Tables
Locker rooms are located on either side of the lobby. Seven family changing rooms are available around the pool areas as well. Changing tables are located in the locker room and in each family changing room. Due to health regulations, all diaper changing must be done in the restrooms.

Pool Toys
Pool toys, personal flotation devices and baby/toddler flotation devices (such as puddle jumpers or arm floaties) are prohibited.

Refund and Credits

Refunds are allowed only in the following cases:

  1. When a patron indicates that they are moving far away or out of state and provides proof of a new address. (A 15% refund processing fee will apply.)
  2. When a patron’s access has been suspended or removed due to misconduct or repeated policy violations. (A 15% refund processing fee will apply.)
  3. When there is a billing mistake that the RBAC makes. (No processing fee will apply.) Examples include:
    1. A patron being accidentally double-charged for the same activity.
    2. A patron being charged even though they aren’t selected for a team after tryouts.

To request a refund for one of the three reasons above, please fill out the RBAC’s Refund Request Form. Please note that submission of this form does not automatically guarantee a refund; all requests are reviewed by RBAC staff prior to approval.

Pass Extentions: Lap Swim

Lap swim pass extensions may be issued due to RBAC pool closures (from either mechanical or natural causes).

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